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Who is a better goalie?

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In which year did the Habs set an NHL record by losing only eight games in an eighty game schedule.

NHL Trivia

You think you know hockey? Take our nhl trivia challenge and find out!

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#1 Which former NHL goaltender put his name in to replace former Prime Minister Paul Martin as head of the Liberal Party of Canada in 2006?

#2 How many players that have worn the Montreal Canadien jersey are now in the hockey hall of fame?

#3 On average, how many NHL pucks are used in an NHL game?

#4 Who scored the very first ever recorded NHL goal?

#5 Who is the only defenseman to win the NHL scoring race?

#6 Which team did Conn Smythe become a part owner of in 1926/27?

#7 What team did Edmonton Oilers trade Wayne Gretzky on August 9-1988?

#8 Who scored the very first ever recorded NHL goal?

#9 What was the nickname for the line that consisted of Woody Dumart, Milt Schmidt and Bobby Bauer?

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